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RoofersChoice LogoRoofers Choice Synthetic Felt: 25 Year Limited Warranty

The manufacturer warrants for a period of 25 years commencing on the "original date of installation" that the product will retain it ability to shed water installed in a strictly professional manner and in accordance with the sellers (USP) installation instructions.

Warranty does not apply and is Voided if the underlayment is left uncovered and exposed without roof cladding for more than6 months (180 days) after installation or if any of the underlayment is left exposed to UV rays after cladding installation, leaks or water damage caused by fasteners, extreme weather conditions, acts of god. vandalism, abusive conditions, improper installation, or any other cause beyond the control of the manufacturer. "Do Not Use Staples to hold this product in place on the deck"

This warranty DOES NOT cover any cost related to the removal or replacement of applied roofing material and or their replacement. Unauthorized repairs or alterations, and/or misuse or misapplication of the product will void this warranty completely.

Buyer must provide written notice within 30 days of any materials ultimately proven to be defective. Field samples and digital pictures of the job are also required to make a determination. Such notice, samples and pictures shall be sent to Underlayment Specialties Plus, 1529 Gehman Road, Bldg. B, Harleysville, PA 19438.

Manufacturer shall at its option, repair, replace or refund that portion of the product proven to be defective, which will constitute the limit of the manufacturers obligation for defective material.

Buyer shall pay all shipping, handling and transport costs.

This warranty is voided if anyone other than USP/Manufacturer authorizes repairs or alterations during the warranty period. This warranty cannot be changed or altered except in writing by an authorized employee of the manufacturer and is lieu of any and all verbal agreements made by the representative or the manufacturer.

Seller makes no other warranties of any kind, expressed or implied as to the warranty of merchantability or use other than the intended purpose.

This warranty conforms to standards promulgated under United States Federal Law applicable to products manufactured after July 4, 1975.

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